Tourist Visa Extension Thailand – Can it be extended and how?

Tourist Visa Extension In Thailand - Can it be extended and how?

Tourist Visa Extension Thailand – Can it be extended and how? 

Tourist Visa Extension Thailand

Get A 30 Days Extension For Your Tourist Visa In Thailand

The easiest way to enter Thailand is with a tourist visa. Which gives you a 60-day stay in Thailand. But what if you wanted to stay longer and explore more, or perhaps test out and see what it would be like to live in Thailand? 

When you are in Thailand, perhaps you’d like to join a meditation retreat? Maybe you think you’ve fallen in love? Maybe you just want to sit around and drink beer while watching the waves crash on the seashore? Or maybe you are planning to find a job in Thailand (for which you would need a Thai work permit)? It’s then that you realize you might want to get a Thai visa extension, or extend your visa-exempt entry. So, a 30-day visa extension works out if you: 

  • Entered Thailand on a 60-day visa or SETV
  • Came with a 6-month visa or METV to Thailand
  • Entered with a visa waiver for 30 days

How to extend your tourist visa in Thailand?

It’s really easy to go to the nearest immigration office and extend your tourist visa in Thailand for 1900 THB. In reality, what you obtain is the extension of stay. You don’t get a visa sticker in your passport, you simply get a stamp. Here’s how to extend your tourist visa in Thailand and what you’ll need to do so. 

  1. To extend your tourist visa in Thailand, you will need:
  • The original and copy of your passport (identification page and pages with Thai visas and stamps)
  • Your passport photo (4 x 6 cm)

TIPS: If you are on a multiple entry Tourist Visa, and intend on using visa extensions to increase the length of your stay, be wary of the expiration date of your visa, as once it has expired you will not be allowed to use any remaining entries you may have.


Useful Tips On Extending Your Tourist Visa In Thailand

  1. When to Get Thai Visa Extension – it is paramount to apply for your visa extension before your tourist visa or permit of stay expires. The days are added to your current stamp, so even if you apply for an extension a week in advance, you will not be losing any days on your visa or extension of stay. 
  2. Where to Extend Thailand Tourist Visa – Every province in Thailand has a local immigration office. You need to go to the immigration office in person to extend your Thailand tourist visa. The extension gives you an additional 30 days to remain in Thailand. A list of immigration offices and branches in Thailand can be found here.
  3. If you are looking to stay in Thailand even longer and already have a visa check out how to renew your Thai visa here. Or if you are in need of changing over from a tourist visa to a long stay visa then you might want to check out these Thai visa options for foreigners: 
    1. Retirement Visa For Thailand
    2. Marriage / Dependent Visa For Thailand
    3. Education Visa In Thailand 
    4. Thai Working Visa For Foreigners
    5. Volunteer Visa 
    6. Thai Elite Visa

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I came to Thailand from the USA with the Thailand pass. I arrived on December 25th. My passport is stamped with a 30 day stamp until January 25th. My return flight to the USA is on February 10th. I wanted to extend my stay for 60 more days. I want to change my return flight for those dates. I want to leave on March 20th. My travel insurance through axa is only valid until February 10th.

Can I extend until March 10th? Do I need to extend the insurance? What will I need to show at office in patong?

Hi Jody. We have met at the office thank you!

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