Where & How to Renew Your Visa – Thai Visa Renewal

Visa Extensions In Thailand – Where & How to Renew Your Visa

So, now that you are in Thailand, perhaps you have decided that you would like to stay? 

Who wouldn’t want to extend their stay in Thailand? The country offers delicious food, amazing weather, and wonderful people! There are a few ways to renew your Thai visa or get a visa extension in Thailand. Whether you’ve entered Thailand on a tourist visa, a student visa, or a work visa, you will be given a specific length of stay based on the visa type. It’s very important to keep notes of these dates as overstaying your visa in Thailand is considered illegal. Besides, you wouldn’t want the immigration police officers knocking on your door, would you? 

So let’s jump in and see how you can get a visa extension in Thailand or renew your thai visa, click on the visa type you entered Thailand on to find the relevant method for you. 


NOTE: The length permitted for your visa renewal in Thailand depends upon how you entered the country and the type of visa you were given on arrival. 

How To Get A Visa Extension For Your Tourist Visa

It is possible to get a visa extension on your tourist visa once you are already in Thailand. Each entry of 60 days can be extended for another 30 days. The process is quite simple and straightforward. The paperwork includes:

  • Visa Extension Form TM7
  • The application must be submitted in person at a local Thai Immigration Office, and the fee for the visa extension is 1,900THB. 

How To Get A Visa Extension For Your ED Visa / Student Visa In Thailand

Students can extend their ED Visa or Student Visa in Thailand before its expiry date with the following documentation. 

  • Visa Extension Form TM7
  • Letter of Certification from MUIC (In Thai)
  • A passport photocopy
  • One recent 4x6cm full-face photograph
  • Tuition Fee Receipt
  • Grade Report

If the ED Visa/Student Visa is about to expire while the student is in Thailand, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Student Exchange Unit or educational institution regarding the expiry two weeks in advance. This ensures enough time to prepare the paperwork and procure the relevant signatures required on all documents. The visa extension must be submitted in person at a local Thai Immigration Bureau. 

The current fee to renew an ED Visa or Student Visa in Thailand is 1,900THB. 

How to Renew Your Thai Retirement Visa 

Renewing a Thai Retirement Visa is subject to the same requirements as applying for the visa the first time. You will need proof of funds in your bank account, plus those funds must have been deposited and cleared within 3 months of your visa renewal application date. Supporting documents required include the following:

  • A completed TM7 form
  • Passport plus photocopies of all relevant pages
  • 2 recent 4x6cm full-face photographs
  • A copy of your bank book or passbook
  • A letter from your Thai bank confirming the status of your account

The application must be submitted in person to a local Thai Immigration Office, and the current fee for a Thai Retirement Visa renewal is 1,900THB. 

How To Renew Your Dependent Visa / Marriage Visa In Thailand

When you first obtain a Dependent Visa or Marriage Visa from an Embassy or Consulate in Thailand, it is only valid for 90 days. Before the end of that 3-month period, it is possible to extend the visa for 1 year. After the initial first year, the visa needs to be renewed every year. 

To renew a Dependent Visa/Marriage Visa in Thailand you will need the following documents:

  • Passport (must be valid for at least six months and have two blank pages)
  • Copy of your
    • Marriage Certificate In Thailand
    • Spouse’s Thai ID card
    • Thai spouse’s Tabian Baan (house registration)
    • Bank book showing proof of 400,000THB in your bank account deposited at least 3 months prior to the visa application, or a copy of your monthly income showing that you earn at least 40,000THB per month
  • A map to your residence in Thailand
  • Photos of you and your Thai spouse together at your residence, outside of the house, family pictures, etc.
  • Bank Guarantee and Bank Statement

Documents must be submitted in person to your local Thai Immigration Bureau for consideration.

What is Required for a Thai Visa Renewal?

There are a number of documents that are required for a visa renewal in Thailand. Here, we break down for you what you will need. 

  1. Application Form – This form required is TM7 and it allows an Extension of Temporary Stay in Thailand. The second form you will need is the TM8 which is used to apply for a re-entry permit for your visa. The TM8 form is required if you hold a 12-month retirement visa, a 12-month marriage visa or any visa that allows you to have a Thai work permit. 
  2. Passport – You will need your original passport, plus also copies of various pages including the bio page, passport page with visa, passport page with latest entry stamp and a copy of your departure card. Most Thai immigration offices have photocopy machines that you can use for an extra fee. 
  3. Photo – The minimum picture size for applying for a Thailand visa extension is 4 x 6 cm and should be no more than six months old.
  4. Visa Extension Fee –  If you plan to extend your Thai Visa, the fee is 1,900THB. The processing fee for 30-day extensions and 7-day extensions is the same. The extension fee must be paid in cash in the local currency.
When Should I Renew My Thai Visa?

We recommend planning ahead when it comes to renewing your Visa in Thailand. Essentially, it is better to renew your visa 20-30 days prior to the expiration so that you do not have to pay an overstay fee. 

Where Can I Renew My Thai Visa?

If you are in Thailand and have all of the correct paperwork, you can renew your Thai Visa at a local Thai Immigration Office. However, if you are a foreigner with a long term visa, you will need to exit the country and visit a Thai Embassy or Consulate in another country to activate the remaining time on your visa or obtain a new long term Thai Visa. 

How Can I Renew My Thai Visa?

If you plan to renew your visa in Thailand, the most common process is to take all of your paperwork to a local Thai Immigration Office, take a number in the queue and complete the Thai Visa Renewal process there. 

If you intend to leave Thailand to visit a Thai Embassy or Consulate in another country, please contact us at TMT Visa Service Phuket and we can help answer your questions and advise on your trip. 

A Thai Visa Renewal does not have to be a stressful process. As long as you know what is expected in terms of documents and paperwork, the visa renewal should go quickly. Should you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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