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Non O Visa – How To Apply For One & What Is Required?

The Non-Immigrant O Visa is one of the best types of visa for foreigners to stay in Thailand. NOTE THAT it’s only available to those who are either married to a Thai person, have a Thai citizen child, or foreigners who wish to volunteer.

The Non-Immigrant O Visa for Thailand is by far the most applied for visa of all the various long-term visas available in Thailand. The reason for this is because they are great for those looking to stay in Thailand for a longer period of time. They are the best visa options for foreigners in Thailand who are: 


  • Married to Thai citizen
  • Have a Thai citizen child
  • Volunteers or applicants working for a non-governmental organization (NGO)
  • Dependent on a foreign worker in Thailand – whether you are married to one or a parent of one


So if you do tick any of the boxes above, then we highly recommend getting the Thai Non O visa for your stay in Thailand. Having said that, there are a few things you will need to know before applying for one. Such as what type of Non-O visa you should get, what are the requirements, what documents you will need and how to apply for one. And to make your life easier, we have compiled all the information you’ll need for a Thai Non Immigrant O visa right here in this Blog. If after reading this blog and you’d like to get a Non-O Visa in Thailand click here. 

So What Are The Different Types Of Thai Non-O Visa

Tourist Visa Extension Thailand

The Thai Non-O visa comes in different types depending on the circumstances, with 5 different visa types. So let’s take a look at the different types of Non-O visas available in Thailand. 

  1. Non-O Thai Marriage visa – For those married to a Thai person
  2. Thai Guardian visa – If you have a Thai child
  3. Thai Volunteer visa – If you’d like to do volunteer work in Thailand 
  4. Non-O Dependent visa – in case of being in a marriage, a parent, being a Thai child of a Foreigner with a Non-B visa or Non-O retirement visa.
  5. Retirement visa – For those seeking to retire in Thailand

One of the things you will want to consider is whether you want to get a single entry or a multiple entry visa. A single or multiple entry visa determines the length of time you are allowed to stay in Thailand legally. While both visas are able to be extended, it’s best to note the requirements of your situation to ensure you get the correct visa. 

Single Entry Non-Immigrant O Visa which is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Before the 3 months is due, visa holders can contact the Thai Immigration Bureau for an extension of stay and re-entry permit for Thailand.

A Multiple-Entry Non-Immigrant O Visa is available for the spouse of a Thai citizen only, and it’s valid for one year from the date of its issue. 

Married To A Thai Citizen – Non-Immigrant O Visa

Foreigners in Thailand married to a Thai citizen are eligible to apply for the Non-Immigrant O visa. Moreover referred to as a marriage visa, we are able to convert tourist visas and Non-O visas to the Non-Immigrant O Marriage Visa. Lastly, this type of visa allows for a work permit.

Apply for a Non-Immigrant O Visa for Thailand here. And if you’d like to get married in Thailand check out this blog about getting married in Thailand.

Have A Thai Citizen Child – THAI Guardian Visa 

If you have a child with a Thai citizen, but are not married, are eligible for a Non Immigrant O Visa. And this long-stay visa is based on being the legal guardian of a Thai child. The best part is we can convert both tourists visas and Non-O to this type of visa. Not to mention it is also possible to get a work permit with this type of visa. 

Apply for a Non-O Guardian Visa in Thailand here.

Volunteer Or Work For An NGO – THAI Volunteer Visa

Foreigners in Thailand who volunteer or work for an NGO are eligible for a Non-Immigrant O Visa. The NGO will need to provide a number of documents to secure the visa. 

Dependent Visa Thailand

Foreigners in Thailand with a spouse, or who is a dependent of a foreigner who legally works in Thailand are able to apply for a Non-O Dependent Visa. Documents needed includes

  • An application form
  • Valid passport
  • Personal history form
  • An original letter of invitation from the company or employer in Thailand
  • Company’s registration documents
  • Original letter of recommendation
  • Household registration
  • A copy of the stay permit
  • 1 copy of the work permit of the applicant’s spouse or immediate family member who will sponsor the dependent visa.

How To Apply For & Get THIS THAI Visa

There are a number of required documents needed to apply for this visa for Thailand. To make things easier for you to apply we have listed out below what’s specifically needed if you’re married to a Thai, are a parent of a Thai child, or are a volunteer. 

  • Visa Application Forms & Photographs – Completed and signed Visa Application forms as well as 2 passport photographs with a size of  3.5×4.5 cm.
  • Passport – An up-to-date passport with no less than 6 months validity is needed for a single-entry visa. For a multiple entry visa, the passport needs no less than 1-year of validity. 
  • Supporting Documents – If you are married to a Thai citizen, you will need a copy of the marriage certificate to your spouse, copy of passport and ID card of your Thai spouse, a sponsorship letter from your Thai spouse, and a statement from your Thai bank showing at least 400,000THB in the bank over the period of the last two months. 

For the mother or father of a child deemed a Thai citizen, the documents needed include a copy of the birth certificate of the child to prove the family relationship, a copy of your original passport or stay permit that shows you are working or studying in Thailand, a copy of your current work permit if applicable, and a letter of certification from your employer or educational institution. 

Volunteers or applicants who work for an NGO must have a letter of certification from the organization in Thailand which indicates the purpose of the work program, the nature of the work, and the volunteer or applicant’s exact period of stay in Thailand as well as a copy of ID card or passport of the authorized person who signed the certification letter. Additionally, you’ll need to present a copy of the NGO’s registration and profile. 

If you would like to get some advise or start the process of applying for a Thai visa make sure to get in touch with us through any of the below channels: 

info@tmtvisaservicephuket.com | tel:+66950704491 | 74/28 Soi Banzaan Patong, Thailand 83150


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