All You Need To Know About Getting Married In Thailand - Best Places To Get Married, Cost and More


Thailand has the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding. The country is blessed with serene beaches, gorgeous mountains and a rich culture and heritage. Thailand is one of the most popular locations for a Destination Wedding due to its breathtaking scenery. Here’s some information you’ll want to know about getting married in Thailand.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of preparation. If you are thinking about getting married in Thailand, you’ll need to understand the process and legalities needed to do so. It’s best to ensure legal assistance from a Thailand-based lawyer to ensure your marriage is legal both in Thailand and abroad. Although it may sound tedious, you’ve already found true love … which is meant to be the most difficult part!



There are some basic protocols you need to know before getting married in Thailand. The process requires a lot of paperwork and visits to your home Embassy in Bangkok. However, once the paperwork is completed, you should have no problems saying “I do.”

Getting married in Thailand takes planning and time management. Big weddings will need more preparation. For those getting married in a local jurisdiction office, the paperwork is usually ready in one week. 

Best Places To Get Married In Thailand

The best places to get married in Thailand include Bangkok, Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and Chiang Mai. All of these places are beautiful and make the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Thailand is home to professional wedding planners who can assist in the logistics and plans of your destination wedding. In addition, top-notch facilities are available, as are resorts, international hotel chains and private villas.

The best places to get married in Thailand are also some of the top tourist destinations in the country, so it’s quite easy to combine a perfect wedding with an adventure-filled honeymoon. 


The cost of getting married in Thailand depends on the type of wedding you both want. A big wedding at a resort, international chain hotel or private villa starts from approximately 2,000 USD. However, a professional wedding planner can help assess the costs and match your dream wedding with your given budget.

If you plan to get married at your Embassy, the cost depends on the Embassy. However, it is good to expect a cost of at least 3,500THB for the certified marriage stamp. An additional service fee of 400THB may be required at certain embassies or government offices. 


In order to get married to a Thai woman, you will need original passports and proof that you are single. If you have previously been married, and that marriage ended in divorce or death, you will also need to show those original certificates. If you’ve never been married, you need to show a statutory statement of non-attachment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which should be notarized by your home embassy in Bangkok. The Embassy may require proof of evidence to this fact. 

Thai officials require a statutory statement which will cost 1,000THB. Your home embassy in Bangkok will also charge a fee for notarizing the statement, and the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) charges a small fee to register it and issue the certificate that allows you to be married legally at any location in Thailand. An additional fee to have the Thai marriage certificate translated to Thai after the ceremony will also need to be paid.

Pre-marriage planning should be taken into consideration so that the assets of the foreigner are protected. A Thailand prenuptial agreement prepared by a licensed Thailand lawyer is highly recommended. Prenuptial Agreements are less likely to be contested if they are prepared and signed well in advance before the date of the wedding. 

A Thai Marriage Visa is a long term Thai visa that is issued to a foreign national married to a Thai and meets the other requirements of the immigration bureau. The benefits of having a Thai Marriage visa is that it will grant you to stay in Thailand for a year without having to leave the country. It is possible to renew the visa every year inside of Thailand, and the visa holder is allowed to work in Thailand once they obtain a valid work permit.

3 Steps to get married legally in Thailand:

1st STEP: FULFILL ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS – please contact us to find out the requirements.

2nd STEP: PREPARE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS – if you need any help with document translations or preparation make sure to check our service out.

LAST STEP: HAVE YOUR MARRIAGE REGISTERED – get in touch with us to get your marriage registration in Thailand.

The wedding of your dreams is possible in Thailand. You can choose a stunning beach location, a rustic forest or enjoy Thai cultural traditions with a Buddhist temple wedding. Thailand’s rich culture and heritage as well as its traditions and outstanding scenery make for the perfect wedding location. We wish you well as you plan your wedding and celebrate your special day!


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