Living In Thailand As Foreign Expats
– Things You Should Know


Things You Must Know About Living In Thailand For Foreigners

Living In Thailand As Foreign – If you are reading this blog you are probably already considering a move to Thailand. So, I wanted to make sure you guys have all the important information about living in Thailand. To help make that final decision easier (one I didn’t have when I first moved to Thailand on a whim 14 years ago).

Making the move to live in Thailand can be an exciting adjustment. At first, it may seem like a vacation as everyday brings a new, fun experience. However, in time the newness of it all does fade, and normal life begins. Which is way it is good to visit Thailand for a longer period of time. This will help show you what living in Thailand would be like. And if you have already decided to move to Thailand, then this information will also help you make it easier, as well as help others to decide.

The Utmost Important Factor and Things To Know About Thailand

To live in Thailand comfortably, do take some time to understand the unique intricacies of Thai culture. Learning a few simple Thai phrases will also help with any language barrier. There’s an apparent lack of urgency in Thailand, so if you are used to living a fast-paced life, you will need to learn to slow down.

Reach out to other expats as there are many large communities all over Thailand. There is charity work to be involved in, organizations to join or even groups in your local neighborhood.

Making the transition to live in Thailand can be challenging, but it is an amazing country full of opportunities and a wonderful lifestyle. Take a deep breath, and be ready to expect the unexpected!


Best Cities To Live In Thailand

Do you want to be at the beach everyday?

Do you want to live in a rural area, or do you prefer a big city?

These are questions you’ll have to ask yourself before moving to Thailand. Making sure you’ll find the right city in Thailand to settle down in. So here’s a summary of the top 4 cities to live in Thailand:

  1. Bangkok – the hub of Thailand. It’s a cosmopolitan city with much to offer in terms of work and business opportunities in Thailand, living conditions, dining and entertainment. If you intend to travel frequently, leaving Bangkok by bus, train or plane is easy and efficient. Living in Bangkok is great for fast-paced city life, modern conveniences and a great dining and entertainment scene.
  2. Chiang Mai – is the beautiful gateway to Northern Thailand. It is a favorite city for retirees, and home to many expats. Chiang Mai has a slower pace of living, but there is much to see and do there. Spend your days enjoying temples, amazing restaurants, sports facilities and museums. Chiang Mai has a lot of culture and offers up a great balance between city life and majestic nature. For those that need to work online, there are also a lot of coworking spaces in the city. Chiang Mai is a great city for digital nomads, retirees and volunteer tourism.
  3. Pattaya attracts people for its beachside location and nightlife scene. It’s great for those who are looking to socialize, dining out, drinking and visiting top notch entertainment venues. Pattaya has a large expat community, and it’s close proximity to Bangkok makes it a convenient spot as well. Living in Pattaya is great for retirees who want to experience a lot of fun and excitement in their new life!
  4. Phuket has it all, and many people move to Phuket for its affordable luxury lifestyle as well as the balanced island and city lifestyle. For families, there is a wide range of international school options with top-quality facilities. Phuket is easy to navigate and has an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment choices to keep your lifestyle balanced. Healthcare in Phuket is affordable, and there are many great facilities to take advantage of including gyms, wellness centers and spas. Living in Phuket is great for families, digital nomads, retirees, and volunteers.

Other destinations in Thailand have their pros and cons, too. For those seeking a true paradise, Koh Samui is a first choice. It is extremely affordable to live in a more rural area such as Isaan (located in Northeast Thailand).

Living Costs In Thailand For Foreigners

While Thailand is known for having a low cost of living, it may not necessarily be cheap if you’d like to maintain a Western lifestyle. There are a lot of factors to consider including food, residential standards, healthcare, the cost of schooling for children … while many of these things are definitely cheaper in Thailand, it is pertinent to budget to ensure you get more bang for your baht.

Other costs that many forget to consider upon moving here include entertainment and visiting tourist attractions, as these are both popular activities during the first few months of settling in. It is possible to live as luxuriously or as humbly as you want in Thailand, as long as you budget.
In terms of the costs of living, a useful suggestion would be to have at least $2000 per month to live on, but you will also need to see how this suits your particular lifestyle.


Thai Visa Options For Foreigners – What Type Of Visa Should You Get And Which Visa Is Best For You?

When it comes to which visa you (as foreigners) should get, there are many different options. If you have sufficient savings, the Thailand Elite Visa is the easiest visa to get. It lets you live in Thailand for five to twenty years with relatively little paperwork. 
You will need different visas depending upon the reason you are moving to Thailand. A tourist visa will cover you for 30-60 days, but if you plan to stay for the long term then you’ll need the right documents. You’ll also need to show a certain amount of money in a Thai bank account for certain types of visa. If you are uncertain on which type of visa you should get when visiting Thailand, feel free to get in touch with us for a Thai visa consultation.

Getting the right visa such as a Thai business / working visa, marriage visa in Thailand, retirement or simply just to study in Thailand. It isn’t difficult as long as you have the correct paperwork. If you need a consultation on which visa is right for you, we are here to help and outline the process for you.

Thailand is one of the world’s most popular countries for living abroad.

Living in Thailand as foreign expats does have its perks. The lifestyle is vibrant and the lower cost of living does allow for a bit more luxury than in Western countries. However, in order to maintain the lifestyle you truly want, it is important to budget and take into account all of the factors we have highlighted in this blog. 

We hope to welcome you to Thailand soon! And if you have any questions please feel free to chat with us through facebook:

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