Visa Run Thailand in 2021 – How to do border runs in Thailand?

Visa Runs in Thailand - How to do border runs in Thailand? Do You still do visa runs in Thailand 2022? What happens if your visa runs out in Thailand

Can you still do visa runs in Thailand? How to do border runs in Thailand in 2022?

So many things in Thailand, and of course all around the world, have changed since 2021. Affecting both locals and foreigners alike, whether it’s the lifestyle, the work ways and so much more, but one particular thing we wanted to cover was how we, as a foreigner, can renew or apply for different types of visa for Thailand. Especially since there are no longer any visa runs available as of yet. So how do you do a border run in Thailand when there are no visa runs? Afterall a border run is needed to renew your yearly visas, apply for a new visa or even when you want to change your visa types.

What Are The Options for Visa Extensions in Thailand in 2022?

So what happens when your extended visa runs out? Since the 1st of October 2021, foreign tourists have been able to stay in Thailand for up to 9 months without the need of traveling abroad to have their visas extended, 3 months on the initial visa with two extensions of three months each which are valid until 30 September 2022. But what if you already ran out of your two 3 months extensions?

As of, there are no visa runs to the bordering countries of Thailand. So, the best recommended option is to change your visa, well in advance, from a Tourist Visa to an Education Visa, or to extend your current Retirement, Work or Family Visas.

Visa Runs In Thailand - How To Do Border Visa Runs In Thailand - TMT Visa Service Phuket Thailand

How to Extend a Tourist Visa in Thailand

Upon entering Thailand, most international travelers are issued a Tourist Visa on the spot which allows them to stay in the Kingdom for 60 days. However, it is possible to go to the nearest immigration office and extend your Tourist Visa for another 30 days for a fee of 1900 THB. To extend your Tourist Visa in Thailand you will need:

  1. The original and copy of your passport (identification page and pages with Thai visas and stamps)
  2. Your passport photo (4 x 6 cm)

Extending Your Existing Visas In Thailand

We see a lot of people asking whether they can extend or renew their existing visa in Thailand without leaving the country. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic this was not possible, but due to current travel restrictions and ongoing changes, it is now possible to extend and renew visas within Thailand. Read below for our tips & tricks on how to do this in the simplest, most easy way possible.

1. Extending a Retirement Visa in Thailand

For holders of a Retirement Visa in Thailand, it is possible to extend your visa at a local immigration office. The process is similar to first applying for the Retirement Visa, and the documents needed include:

  • A security deposit of 800,000THB in a Thai bank account 2 months before applying for the visa extension
  • A monthly income of 65,000THB
  • Police clearance
  • Health insurance 
  • A medical certificate

2. Dependent Visa Extension in Thailand

Thailand’s Dependent Visa is available for the family members of a person who already has a working visa in Thailand or for those who have a child with a Thai national. For current holders of the Non-O (Dependent) Visa, it is possible to extend the visa in Thailand. With the correct paperwork, the Dependent Visa can be extended for up to one year at a time at a local immigration office.

Changing Your Tourist Visas To Another Type of Visa In Thailand

In the case where you have used up all your 3 months x 2 extensions for your tourist visa, then you probably are wondering what is next? First of all if you have already been in Thailand for 9 months the chances are you will be here for at least another year 🙂 . In this case it’s probably best for you to see which visa will work best for the purpose of your stay here, whether you are retiring here, working here or visiting a family member here.

Can you travel to another country and come back into Thailand and get a new tourist visa?

As of 1 March 2022, Thailand has eased the Test & Go package measures by canceling the requirement of the RT-PCR test on the 5th day of a hotel stay. This also reduces health insurance requirements for entering Thailand. However, there are still procedures to follow to gain entry into Thailand, and with many international land borders still closed, it is up to the discretion of the traveler to risk traveling to another country and coming back to Thailand to get a new tourist visa. 

Test & Go package requirements that remain the same are listed below:

  • All travelers 18 years of age and older must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 with an approved vaccine at least 14 days before travelling to Thailand.
  • Travelers 12-17 years of age traveling to Thailand unaccompanied must have at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine. Those traveling with parents are exempt from this requirement as are travelers 6-11 years of age traveling with a parent. 
  • All travelers must register for the Thailand Pass online and obtain the Thailand Pass QR Code for entering Thailand. It’s advised to apply at least 7 days in advance for the Thailand Pass. Proof of accommodation booking in either an Alternative Quarantine Hotel or SHA++ Hotel, including the cost of COVID-19 testing, and airport pick up must be attached in the Thailand Pass system. Travelers will need to present the QR Code to their airlines upon check-in and to Thai Border Control Officials upon arrival. 
  • Travelers need to obtain a Covid-19 Free Health Certificate at least 72 hours prior to their departure to Thailand. This is mandatory.

For further information and updates regarding the Thailand Test & Go package, it is advised to consult your embassy or consulate prior to travel to Thailand.

Extend Your Stay For Another 12 Months With An Education Visa

The Education Visa is for people over 12 years old who wish to stay in Thailand to study. Once you enroll in a program, you’ll need to attend 100 hours for every 90-day cycle of your Ed Visa. The institution hosting your Thai language course should be able to easily extend your visa at a local immigration office.

Want to consult a professional on the best method for YOUR visa extension?

If you’d like to consult a visa agency for further information please do drop us a message. We’ve been established since 2012 working with thousands of locals and foreigners to obtain their visas. Check out what our clients say about us and our services here.

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Hello, My name is Jason and I have few questions after reading alot on online about living in thailand. I am special case and I like to see if its possible and what is the process of me being able to live in thailand. With that said I am 38 and I am retired medically from usa military . I have income I received each month which I can prove. I am not looking to buy property but to rent. I am currently living out of suitcase for past 28 months and been traveling . I have not been to thailand yet but I like to live there and I like to no what to do and have all my documents ready when I enter, hopefully late winter early spring 2023. Can you help me.if its possible, I am not looking to work or go I’m retired but I’m not 50 years old. How can I have new life and live in thailand hopefully for very long time . Thank you for your time .
Sepifer fedelius

I’m in the same boat as you, man. “Medically retired.” I like that wording and am gonna use it. Anyway, good luck with the visa situation. I’m traveling there to train and fight so I also need a bit longer stay. Thinking about exhausting my tourist visa then using what’s left of my GI Bill to get an ED Non-Immigrant visa.

Long time? Best to get married to a Thai. If you have the money you can get the elite visa which runs $10k to $30k for 5+year visas

If you found a good girl marriage is good solution. But, usually Thai families want money for marriage. And you have to care of their kid (All Thai lady has kid).
So, sometimes very expensive way marry to Thai lady.

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