Countries Which Have Electronic Visa Available For Thai Passport Holders

Electronic Visa For Thai Passport Holders

Which Countries Have This?

An E-Visa is an electronic visa that can be applied for online. For Thai passport holders, it’s an easy process for traveling abroad to countries that allow this. In order to obtain an E-Visa, you must visit the embassy website of the country you plan to travel to. You’ll submit an online application, make the required payment and receive an email with details and a verification message. Once you’ve verified your email ID, the E-Visa will be sent to your verified email ID. Although it’s not necessary, for safety purposes, it is better to print a copy of your E-Visa and email correspondence before traveling in order to avoid any confusion.

There are 32 countries where Thai passport holders can travel with an E-Visa, so if you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Kenya, Armenia or India, now’s your chance! See below for the full list of countries that accept the E-Visa for Thai passport holders.


Kenya An E-VIsa Country For Thai Nationals - TMT Visa service for thais in phuket


Oman An E-VIsa Country For Thai Nationals - TMT Visa service for thais in phuket


Antigua An E-VIsa Country For Thai Nationals - TMT Visa service for thais in phuket

32 Countries where Thais can travel to by simply applying for an e-visa.



Antigua and Barbuda90 days
Armenia120 days
Azerbaijan30 days
Benin30 days / 8 days
Co´te d’Ivoire3 months
Djibouti31 days
Ethiopia90 days
Gabon1 to three months (single entry)
Guinea90 days
India60 days
Kenya90 days
Kyrgyzstan30 days
Lesotho90 days
Madagascar90 days
Malawi30 days
Moldova90 days
Oman30 days



Pakistan90 days
Papua New Guinea990 days
Rwanda30 days
Sao Tome and Principe30 days / 8 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis30 days (single entry)
60 days (multiple entry)
South Sudan3 up to 6 months
Sri Lanka30 days
Suriname90 days
Tajikistan45 days
Tanzania90 days
Uganda90 days
Ukraine30 days
Uzbekistan30 days
Zambia90 days
Zimbabwe90 days




If you are planning to travel around the world and explore new countries, cultures and get inspired, you will definitely want to check out the countries that are visa free for Thai nationals. Just a reminder, if you are planning to travel abroad for studies, work, or relocation these visas will not cover those purposes. These visas are for tourism purposes only. Make sure to check with the Embassy of the respective country or a visa agency in Thailand for more accurate information.

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