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Best Health insurance companies in Thailand

It’s All About Getting The Right Health Insurance In Thailand – One That Covers Foreigners / Expats As Well

Health is our most prized possession. Our own health has always been our highest consideration in life. Naturally, we would spend any amount of money to make sure we are healthy. However, what happens when you are in a foreign land and want to make sure you get the best treatment possible? Especially in a way that doesn’t leave you unable to get treatment because of the fees. Let’s face it, without health insurance, the treatment can be rather costly, especially if you are looking for international-standard treatments. This is why it’s a great idea to get health insurance. One with great service, generous levels of coverage and partnered with World international standard hospitals in Thailand, which can only be found in the best health insurance companies in Thailand.


Another great reason for expatriates to get health insurance is because often standard healthcare is simply not enough. While private hospitals in Thailand do provide efficient and high quality treatments, they also come at a price. This is the reason why health insurance is recommended to be purchased, whether it’s done locally in Thailand or abroad.

So, which are the best health insurance companies in Thailand for foreigners / expats?

Let’s dive in and see our recommended top 10 health insurance companies for foreigners. Some of which are internationally recognized and others are big Thai companies with reputable reputations. Another thing to note before you dive in, the below are not in any way listed in order of which is the best.

  1. Cigna Global – Cigna Global Health Thailand has insurance plans specifically created for expats and Thai local nationals. Their health insurance packages are flexible with a variety of optional benefits and are easy to use. In addition to the core Inpatient and Outpatient medical offering, Cigna Global allows you to customize your plan with a wide range of optional benefits to take control and proactively manage the health and well-being of you and your family.
  2. Dhipaya Insurance – Established for over 69 years, Dhipaya Insurance offers a Health Insurance and Accident Claim Service for both foreigners and Thais. With an easy procedure to use their insurance card and ongoing support, Dhipaya is one of the most used insurance companies in Thailand.
  3. AXA Insurance – AXA is a global insurance provider with a variety of insurance packages that cover both illnesses and accidents. They offer a single purchase as well as a few options to pay via installments. AXA Health Insurance provides several different insurance packages to choose from, whether it is with inpatient and outpatient services, emergency services or loss of life coverage. As a reputable company in Thailand, AXA Insurance also offers a tax deduction depending upon the plan you choose.
  4. Luma Health Insurance – Luma offers international health insurance policies for personal & family packages. Working expatriates and their families in Thailand can apply for coverage as well as national residents. Luma Health Insurance provides access to top hospitals across Southeast Asia without having to advance payment, and offers multilingual support.
  5. Pacific Cross Health Insurance – Pacific Cross brings over 65 years to the health and travel insurance industry in Asia. Offering a wide range of plans with 24/7 coverage and competitive premiums that cover both inpatient and outpatient medical expenses. With generous levels of coverage, responsive service and guaranteed renewability, Pacific Cross health insurance for expats delivers an unbeatable combination.
  6. Allianz Worldwide – Allianz Worldwide is a single provider for all of your health insurance needs. Whether you’re looking for International health, life & disability, critical illness, short-term or emergency coverage, Allianz Worldwide has an insurance solution for you.
  7. Aetna International – Aetna offers health insurance packages and premiums for individuals and families. They have a flexible portfolio of benefits & plans, and allow you to choose the levels of cover, additional extras and excesses that are right for you and your family.
  8. Generali Global Health – Generali Global Health offers worldwide international health insurance at superb rates with top healthcare providers. They also offer easy to use member digital services, locally compliant policies, and a global medical network.
  9. Bupa Global – A range of premium international health insurance coverages are offered by Bupa Global. The most premium range includes direct access to leading GPs, Consultants and Specialists without the need for referral, In-hospital cover for private rooms at world-class facilities, and a Personal Relationship Manager, on hand, to help make life easier for you. Plus, cover for up to two children under 10 years, subject to underwriting, at no extra cost.
  10. GeoBlue International Health Insurance – A leader in international healthcare, GeoBlue offers long term and short term coverage and provides care with a personal touch. Their extensive global provider network brings flexible coverage and can help coordinate treatment overseas.
Best Health insurance companies in Thailand

We hope you’ve found this guide to Health Insurance in Thailand for foreigners useful. For further information or to discuss appropriate health insurance for you or your family, contact us at . If you are looking for any other services such as retirement packages in Thailand, visa extensions, document translation and legalization or any other please feel free to drop us a message by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right hand side. | tel:+66950704491 | 74/28 Soi Banzaan Patong, Thailand 83150


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I M a 69 year old British male with a Thai partner. I am retired and intend on spending up to 60 days x 3 (180 days total) in Thailand. I would lkke to get a quote for medical and accident insurance.
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My grandmother is 84 years old (russian) and she has been in Pattaya (Thailand) since november 2022. She has a retirement OA visa. How much does health insurance for her cost? For 1 month, 3, 6, 1 year?
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